JMP Mortgage and Protection Ltd

"Joining Cornerstone was one of the best decisions I made"

Julius Peralta, Director

JMP Mortgage and Protection Ltd


From our very first meeting, it was clear that Julius was looking to move to a network that could help him achieve his goal of being a successful mortgage and protection adviser. He settled in quickly and has become a well-respected network member whose quality of work is second to none. We look forward to helping Julius build a very successful business in the coming years.

Why were you looking for a network change?

“I was looking for a network that could support me and my clients to move quickly in getting mortgage and protection and that provides great support in training and compliance for mortgage and protection. I used to have a high number of expenditures, like network fee and other subscriptions. My progress was a slow progress, as the application is delayed due to delayed checking from the compliance before I could submit it.”

He added: “I was not able to focus on getting new clients, as the application is delayed and thus had to do more research when the lenders made changes to their products. I was losing money faster than I was making it. Therefore, I had to find another network that could improve the way of doing and writing business. Now that I am with Cornerstone, all my negative experiences have become positive.”

Why did you choose the Cornerstone Network?

“I saw a post about hiring Mortgage advisor. I left a comment, and was contacted by Phil Emanuel, the Group Business Development Director. After the meeting with Phil, everything went smoothly, and I prepared for my transfer. It appealed to me because it provides the training, the system, and the fair commission fee.”

What was the process of joining the Network like?

“It was simple and quick. They were quite good in terms of the schedule for onboarding new members, in my opinion. They have schedules almost every other week and if you are not available on that orientation day, they can reschedule. It was well-organized.”

The Results

“After joining Cornerstone, I was able to promote myself and the services that the Network provides. I am able to reach out to more people to promote mortgages, protection and other services. I am doing well with the Network and sales are steadily increasing. In just 7 months, I accomplished my goal of earning £50,000 in commissions for the entire year. It's a great starting point for me.”

“Joining Cornerstone was one of the best decisions I made. Since I joined, I was able to learn and progress quickly in terms of submitting mortgage and protection applications as they were very good at teaching. They are supporting me n how to improve my applications and business transactions. Now, most of the time, when I submit a case, I get 10 out of 10 in my review.”

“Thanks to Phil, the Compliance team, the admin team, and Cornerstone who are there to support me.”