Mike Powell Mortgages Ltd

"The network gave me the confidence and support I required to provide my clients with the best possible advice."

Mike Powell

Mike Powell Mortgages Ltd


Mike and his team joined us at a difficult time for their business, with their previous network having major problems with the regulator. They attended the induction course and quickly embraced the Cornerstone culture of trying to do things right the first time.

We helped them sort out their own legal entity, moving them from a trading style to a limited company, the novation of their non-Indemnity Protection Commission to ourselves, and, where possible, moving their mortgage pipeline to their new Cornerstone agencies. Everyone learned from those experiences.

They also took advantage of the network's ability to offer them multiple income streams, quickly earning money from referrals to our Commercial Finance and Commercial Insurance teams. Mike personally has an impressive array of professional connections who all demand the highest level of service. When required, he has been able to call on the vast experience held by the Cornerstone senior management team to help him close some large deals, which has helped us cement our relationship.

Over the coming years, we will help him build some real value into an already impressive business, but equally important, they are a pleasure to work with.

Why were you looking for a network change?

“Once the decision was made to leave my previous Directly Authorised Firm, I proactively explored other options. I sought a network that provided me with the opportunity and support to become an Appointed Representative.”

Why did you choose the Cornerstone Network?

“Cornerstone Finance provided me with access to a specialist team to derive Income from different revenue streams. They offered a competitive commission banding based on individual revenue streams.”

What was the process of joining the Network like?

“The transition was seamless, quick and effective as was transitioning from RI to AR whilst obtaining an FCA number. I felt supported throughout the whole process.”

The Results

“We appreciate the contact we have with the administrative team at Cornerstone Finance Group. We have appointed members for different areas of concern and always feel that we are valued. All Issues are resolved quickly and any questions are answered promptly, enabling the whole team to work with a higher level of efficiency.“