‘Live’ Regulatory Compliance

Helping you stay current and confident in your mortgage practice.

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In the complex and evolving world of mortgage brokering, maintaining regulatory compliance is crucial, but often tedious, time- consuming and prone to errors that slow you down.

Leveraging the expertise of our technology partners, bespoke integrations, and our team of dedicated compliance specialists we are changing the landscape of compliance management in the industry.

See how we’ve revolutionised

the mortgage compliance process

with our ‘live’ compliance solution,

backed by human expertise.  

Timely & Smooth Process

  • Automated checks during application submission
  • Quick case review turnarounds
  • A seamless, hassle-free experience

Increased Operational Efficiency

  • Streamlined workflows powered by smart technology
  • Reduction in costly revisions and delays
  • More time to focus on revenue-generating activities

Unwavering Risk Management

  • Stringent multilayer checks in line with latest regulations and FCA requirements
  • Detailed audit trails for every case
  • Complete peace of mind knowing you’re always compliant

Overseen By Industry Leading Compliance Expertise

  • Our dedicated compliance helpdesk is a phone call away
  • Get personalised guidance from our expert team
  • Stay updated on revised regulation and best practices

What our Advisers say about our ‘live’ compliance system:

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