The Cornerstone Network announces the launch of its Exit Planning Services

The Cornerstone Network is proud to announce the launch of its Exit Planning Services.

The service will be run in partnership with Christine Nicholson ‘a multi-award-winning Professional Business Mentor’ and will aim to provide AR owners with an opportunity to reflect on where they are now, what they want for their business in the future and how best to achieve it.

Christine, said:

“Partnering with The Cornerstone Network is a great opportunity to work with like-minded and experienced professionals who want to create a big impact on their clients. When a business owner has most of their future wealth locked in the business, it’s important to get the preparation and planning for unlocking it sooner rather than later. An exit-ready business is good for the owners, their families, the employees and their communities.”

“I’m looking forward to seeing more wealth carried over into the next generation and enjoyed by the people who created it in their next phase of life. Working with The Cornerstone Network is going to create more wealth for more people more easily and I’m looking forward to seeing the impact on everyone.”

Message from Director of Network Growth, Phil Emanuel

The concept of selling your business and receiving a large payout is one that will interest most business owners. Unfortunately, many mortgage advice firms frequently miss out on this possibility by not planning an exit strategy.

As part of our adviser-focused proposition, The Cornerstone Network are offering an Exit Planning Service to all our Appointed Representative Business’. This will provide a way for AR owners to personally benefit from running their business in a professional, profitable, and successful manner.

The programme will include an initial business assessment, a comprehensive schedule of webinars and workshops, and then a final exit readiness meeting. Following this, AR owners can then decide if they wish to continue working with Christine to help maximise the business value at the time of exit.

At The Cornerstone Network, we are committed to helping mortgage and protection advisers develop and grow their business. We believe that delivering an Exit Planning Service will provide a lucrative opportunity to our Appointed Representative partners that demonstrates our dedication to advisers.

About Christine Nicholson

Christine is a multi-award-winning Professional Business Mentor. She has authored 4 business books and is a regular keynote speaker on Succession and Exit Planning. As a businesswoman who has built multi-million turnover businesses over the last 30 years, she has worked with many business owners in all sectors including taking one from bankruptcy to 8-figure exit in 18 months. She has spent a few years accidentally running a zoo! Her latest book, SELL IT, helps business owners get their business and themselves ready for the hardest part of the entrepreneur journey, leaving their business in the hands of others.