Key Adviser Takeaways from Our Nationwide ‘Cornerstone on the Road’ Series

Our team has been on the road over recent weeks, delivering content rich workshops to our Network members across the country. Beyond providing an invaluable opportunity for our advisers to reconnect face-to-face, these workshops have offered a golden opportunity for our advisors to delve into the latest updates within The Cornerstone Network and empowered them with practical insights on customising their client conversations.

Our mission? To empower our advisers to harness their skills, optimise client revenue, understand client attitudes to risk, and maximise their income streams by using the principles of Consumer Duty to their advantage.

Here’s an insight into our key adviser takeaways:

  1. Seize control of your success

The UK has emerged from recession, signalling a time of opportunity for financial services. However, your success ultimately lies in your hands. Take the initiative to capitalise on the current market conditions and drive your own achievements. 

  1. Build long-term valued relationships

By investing time in understanding your clients’ unique needs and financial goals, you foster trust and loyalty. This personal connection encourages repeat business and referrals, creating a sustainable and robust client base that can support your growth. 

  1. The crucial role of fact finding

Busy advisors thrive because they excel at fact finding. By asking the right questions and delving deeper into your clients’ needs, you can transition from offering standard mortgage solutions to providing specialised, tailored advice that truly adds value. 

  1. Understanding client attitude to risk

Conducting thorough risk assessments and discussing potential scenarios, you can recommend suitable mortgage and protection products that align with your client’s attitude to risk, ensuring they feel secure and confident in their financial decisions. 

  1. Continuous learning for ongoing growth

Are you confident in your fact-finding skills? If not, why not seek out training to sharpen your skills? Referral into The Cornerstone Group is also available for all our Network advisers who recognise the importance of not walking away from opportunities due to gaps in their skill set.  

  1. Multiple income streams await

Referral is a strategic move that can unlock up to six income streams for you through The Cornerstone Group. We provide our advisers with ample opportunities to expand their revenue source even further through our Network partners. 

  1. Stay tuned into specialist lenders

Gain access to lending opportunities through Network partners that cater to a wide range of client needs. From flexible affordability criteria to specialised lending for diverse professions, our lenders offer a comprehensive suite of continually evolving mortgage products designed for the modern-day homeowner. Keeping up to date with their latest products and lending criteria is imperative when it comes to spotting opportunities in your client bank. 

  1. Explore second charge mortgages

Truffle Specialist Finance can open up a new revenue stream for mortgage advisers. Despite misconceptions, second charge mortgages offer a viable solution for clients facing various financial situations, from debt consolidation to home improvements. With rapid processing times and flexible terms, they present an attractive option in today’s market. Access their integrated referral dashboard exclusively via The Cornerstone Network. 

  1. Harness cumulative renewal income through GI

By integrating general insurance offerings into your services, you not only safeguard your clients’ assets but also enhance your income potential through referral commissions and long-term client retention. Access our integrated GI referral dashboard exclusively via The Cornerstone Network.

  1. Diversify with ‘Protection Products’

UnderwriteMe presents a modern approach to writing protection, streamlining the process and reducing turnaround times. With integrated platforms and comprehensive market coverage, you can offer your clients a seamless experience while expanding your portfolio of products. Access their integrated referral dashboard exclusively via The Cornerstone Network. 

Start moving your mortgage business in the right direction

As a mortgage adviser, your success hinges on your ability to adapt, learn, and seize opportunities. By leveraging the insights and resources provided by the Cornerstone Network, you can maximise your potential, elevate your practice, and ultimately achieve greater financial success for both you and your clients.

Interested in learning more?

If you are looking to gain more from your network, and attend events like our roadshow, then get in touch to book an introductory meeting to The Cornerstone Network today.