The Cornerstone Network – Our Story

The Cornerstone Network is part of the Cornerstone Finance Group – a hub of financial industry experts offering specialist interlinking services that work together to provide unrivalled service.

When the financial crisis induced a vast number of significant changes in 2008, we recognised that many UK mortgage brokers were underserved and misguided through the turbulence by their existing network.  

We believed things would work better with more innovative tools that would aid brokers in their businesses’ day to day running while increasing their income levels and the value of their business. 

In 2015, our founders created a business that solely focussed on the customer experience, and The Cornerstone Network was formed. Our network was established on strong values with an overarching objective: to ensure advisers offer clear, simple and accurate financial services advice. 

To achieve this, we created a professional but welcoming environment for advisers who share a similar set of beliefs to flourish. By combining our open, collaborative and honest approach with a wide range of products and services, leading commission rates and cutting-edge technology, our brand started to grow.

We gained interest and traction from the adviser market at pace, and The Cornerstone Network slowly evolved and started challenging the historical ways of the existing networks. We rectified the pitfalls of the stagnant mortgage network market and positioned our fresh approach at the forefront of our business.  

Our expert team identified, tested and put a range of potential solutions into practice. Today, we continue to expand our network and grow our presence within the market by focussing on both the consumers’ experience and the growth of mortgage brokers’ businesses. 

Our solutions include:

  • Removing barriers to innovation in the sale of mortgages and protection through technology.
  • Making it easier for brokers to incorporate compliance as a tool to selling and not a barrier, all whilst achieving exceptional compliance results.
  • Helping mortgage broker companies increase their income levels by offering a wider range of financial services.  These include commercial finance, commercial insurance, equity release, business protection, wills, pensions, investments and more.
  • Helping brokers make changes to their business that add value. Preparing a business for an ultimate exit is paramount to ensure their hard work isn’t in vain.  This expertise is available for all brokers to engage with, ensuring their future model of ‘build to sell’ is recognised and achievable.

For more information on how you could become a member of a network that values you and your business, please give us a call on 02921 660 550 or request a call back.